Windy Valley

Windy Valley
Windy Valley.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure
Level TypeRuins
Boss(es)Gamma: E-103 Delta
Preceded bySonic: Emerald Coast
Tails: None
Gamma: Emerald Coast
Proceeded bySonic: Casinopolis
Tails: Casinopolis
Gamma: Red Mountain

Windy Valley is a stage that appears in Sonic Adventure. It's located in the Windy Cave at the Mystic Ruins and can only be accessed by using the Wind Stone, which allows you to use the wind current, leading to the stage. This stage is split into three major sections. The first section, players must progress through the windy hills, the second section, takes place inside of a tornado, and the final section takes place in the sky along some tracks. Sonic, Tails, and Gamma are the only playable characters of this stage.


[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Sonic

This is Sonic's second stage and he is the only character who goes through all three sections. The goal is for Sonic to quickly track down and retrieve the Chaos Emerald in order to prevent Chaos from collecting it and increasing its strength.

[edit] Tails

This is Tails' first stage and he only makes his way through this stage's final section. He must race Sonic to the goal to obtain the Chaos Emerald. In the storyline, both Tails and Sonic are obtaining the Emerald to prevent Chaos from increasing its strength.

[edit] Gamma

This is Gamma's third stage and he only progresses through this stage's first section. Gamma must search for E-103 Delta after Dr. Eggman abandoned it and the other robots. At the end of the stage, Gamma encounters E-103 Delta and must battle the robot to free the animal inside of it.

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